2023 STAART|第2屆亞洲插畫藝術博覽會

STAART Illustration Art Fair


2023 Staart 亞洲插畫藝術博覽會 Illustration Art Fair

我們很高興在此宣布 第2屆「2023 STAART Illustration Art Fair 亞洲插畫藝術博覽會」將於2023年11月17至19日於高雄承億酒店登場。全球唯一 #插畫風格 飯店藝博會「2023 STAART Illustration Art Fair 亞洲插畫藝術博覽會」。

「STAART 亞洲插畫藝術博覽會」定位為亞洲最具 #敘述性視覺 之 #藝術博覽會,目的除拉近大眾與藝術的距離外,更能使每個人皆有機會以親近的形式與價格,收藏符合當代生活情景的作品。「插畫」是一種藝術創作的表現形式,呈現媒材多元,具有「叙說」內在思維的傳播性特質,將文字、文本故事或思想、概念、創意,以視覺圖像化的方式呈現。插畫藝術的創作也更有對話與反思、映照當下生活的表現特徵。

插畫藝術在台灣,甚至在亞洲地區的發展 #較缺乏完善學術系統支持 早期以出版業之報刊、插圖、繪本、漫畫等形式構建初期產業雛形,近年隨著文化創意產業興起,插畫藝術更廣泛應用在不同的商業領域。當代插畫藝術創作建立在藝術史的發展脈絡下,無論是插畫「商業化」抑或「藝術化」,皆映射流行文化中的 #普普藝術 概念,融合大眾市場需求,展開更豐富的創作形式與藝術的高度,並橫向與潮流藝術、街頭藝術、動漫藝術、玩具藝術…等相互聯動生成,組成了 #當代藝術的新世代樣態

匯聚國內外畫廊及產業資源,打破亞洲「插畫等同文創」的刻板印象,建立亞洲在插畫藝術的學術與市場系統,以常態性展會 #搭建亞洲插畫藝術收藏之重要平台。同時,每年也將在優秀藝術家群的作品中,發掘下一位末來的藝術之星,致力推動當代藝術收藏大眾化與插畫爇術生態良性循環發展,讓 #每個人都可以在這裡開始收藏他的第一件藝術品

The “STAART Illustration Art Fair” is positioned as the “art fair” with the strongest “visual narra-tive” in Asia. The event not only aims to bring the public closer to art but also allows everyone to obtain works that align with contemporary lifestyles through approachable methods and pricing. As a form of creative expression, “illustration” showcases the multifaceted qualities of the medium and its “narrative” mindset that boosts communication through visualizing texts, stories, thoughts, concepts, and creativity. Illustrations can also encourage the exchange of ideas and inspire reflections while featuring our current ways of living.

The development of illustration art in Taiwan and Asia lacks support from a more comprehensive academic system. The early days of the genre were marked by the publication of newspapers and magazines, illustrations, picture books, and comic books. However, with the recent rise of the creative industry, illustration art is seen in a variety of commercial settings.
Contemporary illustration art is rooted in the development of art history; regardless of the
“commercialization” or “artistic tendency” of illustrations, it nevertheless reflects the concepts of Pop Art in popular culture. These works align with the market demands of the public and open up rich creative methods and artistic height while impacting and gaining inspiration from genres such as Trend Art, Street Art, Anime Art, and Toy Art, all of which contribute to the innovative traits of contemporary art.
In the worldwide scene of art collection, more and more artworks are being presented in the mainstream market as “illustration art,” and as a result, an increasing number of young collectors have emerged in the market. Compared with traditional artworks that are difficult to understand and embedded in deep academic contexts, the universal and approachable aesthetics of illustration art has opened up a blue ocean market in the contemporary art scene.

TAI Urban Resort and START team have collaborated in establishing this illustration art fair that is rooted in Asia with a global vision. The event gathers galleries and industry resources across Taiwan and abroad to break the stereotype of “illustration equals the creative industry” in Asia. The art fair is rooted in the academic and market context of illustration art and positions itself as a platform for Asian art collectors by arranging regular exhibitions. The annual art fair also searches for the art stars of tomorrow amid the outstanding artists that are showcased each year, dedicating its efforts to universalizing the act of collecting contemporary art and encouraging a healthy and sustainable ecology for illustration art so that the art fair can become a place where “anyone can collect their first artwork.”

2023年11月17日(五) 13:00 – 16:00
2023年11月17日(五) 16:00 – 20:00
2023年11月18日(六) 13:00 – 20:00
2023年11月19日(日) 13:00 – 18:00

承億酒店➛ 承億酒店TAi Urban Resort

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