STAART Illustration Art Fair






  1. 每一展位享有每天兩客自助式早餐及入住期間免費停車位。
  2. 參展商資訊刊登以及網站、社群曝光露出,展商線上專頁。 
  3. SVIP藏家卡5份、VIP貴賓卡10份、—日票20張、展商證4張
  4. 展商餐會及相關晚會週邊活動。 


  • 所有價格需另外酌收 5%税金。  
  • 各房型數量有限,主辦單位保有最終決定權。  
  • C 策略合作參展方案需要經過審核。


  • 參展作品需符合「 插畫 」具「敘述性視覺」特質,表現形式、媒材不限。
  • 以畫廊或藝術經紀單位之參展者,參展藝術家須有近兩年內之展出經驗。
  • 藝術創作者個人為單位之參展者,須有近兩年內之展出經驗,並須配合主辦單位安排專業藝術經理人做銷售規劃。



2. 報名表格需在指定截止日期前提交。

3. 主辦單位將審查所有報名表格。



6.錄取將以EMAIL 通知;並於展前簽訂切結書與合約。



Step2.主辦單位確認繳交之報名資料無誤後,e-mail 確認報名成功並提供匯款資訊。


Step4.匯款完成後將會收到亞洲插畫藝術博覽會的報名成功通知信件 ,若於三日内未收到任何確認郵件 ,請儘速向主辦單位確認 。



  • 展會總經理 顏寧志 0987-385764 /
  • 展會執行總監 陳宜豐 0936-830705/
  • 展會招商經理 李羿徵 0910-401869/  



Classic Quadruple Room
Deluxe Quadruple Room
Prestige Suite Quadruple
  1. Two buffet breakfasts and free parking are included for each exhibition unit during the stay.
  2. Exhibitor information announcement, website, and social media exposure.
  3. Five SVIP collector’s cards, ten VIP cards, twenty day tickets, four exhibitor’s passes.
  4. Exhibitor meal gatherings, gala, and related events. 
  5. A 5% tax will be added to all shown prices.
  6. There is a limited number for each room type. The organizer reserves the right to make the final decision.
  7. C Strategic Collaboration Exhibitor Pricing requires an evaluation process.


  • Participating work should fall into the “illustration” category with a “visual narrative.” All expressions and mediums are welcome. 

  • Artists who are participating in the event through art galleries or art agents should have exhibition experiences within the last two years.

  • Artists participating as independent artists should have exhibition experiences within the last two years and collaborate with the organizer and the allocated professional art agents for sales strategies.years and collaborate with the organizer and the allocated professional art agents for sales strategies.

Application Method

  • Please scan the QR Code and fill in the required information. After the submitted information is confirmed by the organizer, payment information will be provided via e-mail.

  • Applicants should pay the exhibition fee in full within the deadline. Please provide the date, name, and last five digits of the transaction account through e-mail.

  • The application is complete once you receive the confirmation e-mail from the organizer.

Strategic Collaboration Exhibitor

1. Exhibitors are required to complete the registration form and provide relevant information, including personal artwork introduction or organization introduction, artwork summaries, and artistic experience.

2. The registration form must be submitted before the specified deadline.

3. The organizer will review all registration forms.

4. Artwork sales will be conducted through the event’s checkout system, with exhibitors receiving a 50% commission and the organizer receiving a 30% commission.

5. Two months before the exhibition, the list of participating artists and the artwork prices will be confirmed.

6. Acceptance notifications will be sent via email, and exhibitors will be required to sign a declaration and contract before the exhibition.

Note: The provided translation is based on the assumption that the term “展覧會” refers to an exhibition. If it specifically refers to an art fair or another type of event, the translation may need to be adjusted accordingly.


Step1.Complete the registration form and submit the materials.

Step2.After the organizer confirms the accuracy of the submitted registration information, an email will be sent to confirm the successful registration and provide payment instructions.

Step3.The applying organization is required to make full payment of the exhibition fee within the designated timeframe and email the payment time, payer’s name, and the last five digits of the account number.

Step4.Once the payment is successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation email from the Asian Illustration Art Expo notifying you of your successful registration. If you do not receive any confirmation email within three days, please contact the organizer immediately.



For further inquiries, please contact exhibition services at