ARTOGO:2022 STAART|合作夥伴介紹

STAART Illustration Art Fair

2022 Staart 亞洲插畫藝術博覽會 Illustration Art Fair


ARTOGO 是台灣最大的線上展覽平台,每月有近十萬的觀展人流,透過線上展覽製作、線上作品展示銷售與導覽助手等產品服務,協助藝文單位讓內容的保存與行銷效益最大化。

過去一年 ARTOGO 已和超過 200 個藝文單位合作線上展覽體驗,更於今年初打造了台灣首間 NFT 虛擬美術館,是台灣各大美術館與博物館指定合作夥伴,目前平台上擁有超過 3,000 位創作者與 10,000 件創作,並累積了超過百萬的線上觀展次數。


ARTOGO is Taiwan’s largest online exhibition platform and has close to 100 thousand visitors each month. Through services such as online exhibition production, online presentation and sales, and tour guide assistance, ARTGO assists art institutions to preserve content and maximize marketing benefits.

Throughout the past year, ARTOGO has collaborated with over 200 cultural institutions to present online exhibitions and created Taiwan’s first virtual NFT museum at the beginning of this year. ARTOGO is the designated collaborating partner of several renowned museums in Taiwan and currently has over 3,000 artists and 10,000 works, accumulating over one million online exhibition viewings.

The digital solutions for art and cultural content allow exhibition organizers to create online sites in a short time through the content editing system. Furthermore, ARTOGO also provides services such as online sales and guides with responsive web designs that support various devices and experiences. Paired with physical exhibitions, the platform can be used as a lightweight exhibition brochure and tour guide.



作品導覽:不需購買導覽機與建置 APP,觀展者透過手機便可擁有深度體驗。






行銷獲客:獲得 SEO 關鍵字搜尋,以及全台最大線上看展平台導入流量。

ARTOGO Services

Content Editing: Upload multimedia content such as images, texts, videos, and audio and keep the exhibition information up to date.

Tour Guide: Visitors can gain access to in-depth viewing experiences without needing to buy tour guide equipment or install the APP.

Multiple Language Support: Chinese and English versions are available to allow marketing both internationally and domestically.

Work Acquisition: Access to collectors’ contact information, allowing them to purchase works with just one click.

Interactive Collections: The heart icon allows users to save their favorite works and gives information about potential collectors that allow follow-up marketing.

External Links: Official websites and self-media links can be inserted to direct traffic and increase followers.

Data Analysis: Provides data on traffic flow and other information within specific periods, allowing exhibitors to organize and analyze information on collectors and exhibitions.

Marketing: Access to SEO and keyword search and take advantage of the traffic of Taiwan’s largest online exhibition platform.

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▍大眾展期|2022年12月23日 – 12日25日



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